Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

We provide training for Medical Gas pipeline Systems Operators, Installers and Maintenance personnel


Competent Persons


The three day CP Course is targeted at the Maintenance and Installation side.

Authorised Persons


The five day AP course is aimed at equipping those who have responsibility for the operational side of a Hospitals Medical Gases.

Refresher (AP, CP)


This two day course is a refresher for those who have previously completed the AP or CP courses.



This course runs over two days and is aimed at equipping designers who are not able to attend the 5 day AP course.

About the Courses

Health Technical UK are returning to teach several HTM02/01 Authorised Persons [AP] and Competent Persons [CP] courses in Auckland, and Christchurch.
Note that some AP/CP courses are run concurrently. Monday to Wednesday for CP and Monday to Friday or AP.

Depending upon interest we are running these courses September / October 2020:

CP course, Auckland. Sept 21-23[Mon-Wed]
AP Course, Auckland. Sept 21-25 [Mon-Fri]
Refresher  for AP/CP. Auckland. Sept 28-29 [Mon-Tues]
CP course, Wellington. Sept 30-2 [Wed-Friday]
Consultants Auckland Sept 30- Oct 1 [Wed-Thurs]
CP Course, Christchurch. Oct 5-7 [Mon-Wed]
AP Course, Christchurch. Oct 5-9 [Mon-Fri]
AP Refresher Course, Christchurch, Oct 7-9 [Wed-Fri]
On site assessment of Authorised Persons is also offered to hospitals during the week of Oct 12-16



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